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The Simmons’ wanted to update their confined kitchen to accommodate their latest arrival to their growing family. Focusing on family-friendly features and the stylish, modern aesthetic they loved, we transformed their suburban space into a family kitchen that will stand the test of time.
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Dunham Midnight

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Dunham Dove Grey

Carrara White

The Carrara White with marble veined effect has a unique charm that works as well in contemporary and traditional kitchens. Each sheet is unique (just like the ‘real thing’) so you can be sure your kitchen is unique too. Minerva’s surface has virtually inconspicuous joints, is aesthetically appealing with a smooth feel.
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Brushed Steel Cup Handle

This brushed steel cup handle is ideal for traditional kitchens.

Brushed Steel Cup Handle
Double Oven

AEG DCK731110M

AEG DCK731110M
Touch Control Hob

AEG Iae84411fb

There are more exciting things to do than watching water boil. Let the SenseBoil® induction hob assist. It detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces to a low simmer. No more constant monitoring. So the focus can be on what matters most. Fine-tuning those flavours. Mastering that menu.

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Fridge Freezer

American style

Big on the inside, stunning on the outside, it's easy to see why Samsung's American Style side-by-side Fridge Freezers have become so desirable this side of the pond. Better still, they're stacked with features like ice makers, water dispensers, individually cooled zones and frost-free technology.

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What was your main focus when designing your kitchen?
When designing our new kitchen with Magnet, we focused on creating a warm and welcoming hub for our growing family to enjoy. Within this brief, we needed to ensure that the kitchen would stand the test of time, yet also incorporate modern design.

What’s your favourite design element in your new kitchen?
My favourite element is the overall consideration of how we were going to use the kitchen. It’s one thing to design a beautiful looking room, but another to get under the skin of how we would be using it every day. The extra wide space around the island and forgiving matte finish is genius when it comes to having little ones as fingerprints and sticky hands won’t be as obvious. By opting for two ovens, we can also take the pressure off cooking for a family of four.

Which of our services did you get the most out of?
Out of all the services we were offered by Magnet, we loved Melissa’s ability to perfect our kitchen’s colour palette, to give our space a particular ‘feel’. It was second to none! The use of the two different shades makes our kitchen feel extra special, as this palette and configuration is unique to us.

Was there any part of the Magnet kitchen journey that surprised you?
We were surprised by the perfect balance that was struck between functional family kitchen, and elegant entertaining space. This was a huge part of our ambition, but Melissa’s expertise meant that it could become a reality.

“Working with Melissa to bring my family’s vision to life was a joy; I never thought we’d be able to strike the balance so perfectly between having such an elegant but functional family kitchen.”
Hayley Simmons
Kitchen buyer

The story

Magnet modernised the Simmons’ cramped and outdated kitchen, creating a refreshing, contemporary space with enough room for their growing family to enjoy.

After recently having their second child, Hayley and David Simmons realised they were outgrowing their closed-plan, suburban kitchen. The couple underwent a sizeable extension and worked with their dedicated Magnet designer, to bring their new open-plan area to life.

The Simmons’ aspired for their new kitchen to have an inviting feel alongside practical features so that they could host, entertain and also enjoy family life.

Melissa considered all aspects of the Simmons’ lifestyle to create a stunning, yet serviceable space which occupies the new extension effortlessly. A deep midnight hued central island was positioned as the focal point of the room, creating a striking contrast against the grey cabinets, whilst cleverly designed throughout to make the room child friendly. By opting for a contrasting colour palette, the Simmons’ new open plan kitchen oozes sophistication and modern elegance.

Magnet optimised the space through implementing multi-functional design features. As well as a symmetrical double oven, an American style fridge-freezer helped the kitchen become a dedicated family cooking, dining and living space. A go-to happy place that the Simmons family can enjoy for years to come.

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